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英语:If you have not received my Christmas present, it has to be because of - your socks have a big hole! Bu Bu it fast! !
中文:如果你今天没收到我的圣诞礼物,那一定是因为--你的袜子有个大洞! 快补补吧!!


英语:a few days later I heard that you want to have eggs, that true? That I wish you lay eggs (Christmas) Happy! In a few days you have to Egg's full moon, I also wish you a round ahead of eggs (New Year's Day) Happy! Send
中文:听说你过几天要生个蛋,真的吗?那我得祝你生蛋(圣诞)快乐!再过几天你的蛋蛋又要满月,那么我就也提前祝你圆蛋(元旦)快乐! 发送

英语:I wish to Santa Claus on Christmas Eve: I hope that no matter how bad your feet, wear socks when tomorrow morning, I'll give you receive the full blessing, the warmth of your heart and feet

英语:A half-eaten egg was a result it becomes a leftover egg! I wish Merry Christmas