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中国画欣赏新译 2

2、        诗情画意与中国画的意境:
2, poetic and artistic conception of Chinese Painting:
"No poetry can not be a painting, not painting can not be poetry" (without the poems can not be a painting, nor did the painting can not be written poems)。 Artists in the paintings on the title to poetry, or a note of creative background, or just write a concise and clear that the paintings, by such Tiba, - express their ideas, express their feelings on the other hand, also painted the Mood More profound, more prominent theme, layout composition more perfect, if Tiba is the exquisite calligraphy, in Shanghua guests at the same time, but also get to enjoy the beauty of calligraphy, paintings of this is not a more perfect ?
Chinese paintings by the poetic is the highest pursuit of the "realm" and poetry, books, paintings, India is known as the "four no。" This is because the poetry and painting are people drawn to write King; poetry and painting simultaneously, Xiangying Shenghui, a Chinese painting a beautiful landscape。 Clearly, the relationship between them should be organically integrated, and can not be seen as superfluous to poetry。 The painter Huang Binhong once said: "Chinese paintings are San Buxiu", including the "One immortal poem painting also。"
In fact, since ancient times, the ingenious combination of poetry paintings of many people。 For example: wei-xu artists in the "grape" on the Tishi: "Lapo is a half-Weng, independent Den Xiao Wan Feng, have nowhere to sell T at the end of Pearl, left idle in the leisure throwing Ye Teng。" Cast aside if this poem , The only - only string of grape, what significance。 Painter banqiao-zheng life love bamboo, Huazhu his "Zhu Dan," the poem says: "Castle Peak Yaoding not relax, rooted in the rock-breaking; grinding 000-1000 Kennedy also strong, Seoul, the South and the North East and West Wind。" He Bamboo self-evident, Gangzhi integrity。 Clearly, good poetry can make paintings that draw the mood even more profound, more prominent themes meaningful, even to Diandanchengjin, decadent to the magic of the role。 Friends in a painting landscapes in Tiba: "stoning pile water Yihong, Cao She placed wild forest, away from dust-listen Niaoyu, of his spring and summer and autumn and winter。" "Autumn farmers" in the title Said: "Who says Xiaosen autumn weather, the more the spirit of cream colored leaves, do not at home at Wo, Xunqin visit so-knock on the door。" In a "waterfall map" in the title: "Chingchuankang Chushan kept interest rates, short life hard Since Fenti。 "In another in a landscape that said:" shore premises dense shade, Chuan Bo Jiang in a clear water。 Static view from the clouds and cloud-to sit bow to Fisherman。 "This is the artist thinking of emotion Of something very natural to us, Xie Jing lyric like a simple "green food"。
(例如:顾绍骅创作的中国山水诗意画——《送僧游山》 Chinese landscape poetry painting-《send to a monk to swim mountain 》
【原诗(词)】:云身自在山山去,何处灵山不是归。——唐朝·熊孺登明《送僧游山》诗意【Original poem translation 】the white cloud at liberty flies around in the top of hill, where beautiful mountain again isn't "Buddhism" to practice moral teachings the best dwelling place?
【Analyze 】:The poetry deeply enriches a Chan interest-the Chan heart be like cloud, from comfortable at of facing one mountain another mountain fly to, and then have work properly of place mountain can't return?
规格:100×68cm       纸本设色  2006年创作)
The author (shaohua-gu) is "self-portraits" in this title: "Confucian family door catch a melon, Yan Luodian on Xianzao killing。 Hanlin House Third Lu Jing, Gui Palace toad first four victims。" I (author Lu Yu Accident, and risk the lives of mourning; after rehabilitation, and education in China Shuxie training centre on the High calligraphy class, written by a "flu case of" poetry。 Interpretation: Shuxiang family of a boy of Health, Yan Wangdian on nearly been killed。 (In) Hallym University (Calligraphy Training Centre), as the Hanshin year to study at ① (Note ①: Hanshin school year, the division test his sincerity and determination, when the bridge will be interested in the shoes lost underneath, Hanshin to be teachers when Shihui shoes and hands Jingfeng to teachers so three times, all this。 The division moved by it, then granted Bingshu three volumes, and to guide, National Cheng Kung University to end the Hanshin industry。 This is "a bridge 3 King fit the shoes "of the historical story), a sincere and determined to study hard; Xuecheng Hou some outstanding achievements to serve the motherland。 )。 A painting in it no matter how good the images reflect the performance space is limited, only poetry and painting simultaneously, to performance time and space, Yuyishenke。
Painter baishi-qi a banner, painted just below the painting of the three chicks。 All the rest is blank, just in the upper right, that the long, black or white when, with actual situation, Poetry and complement each other, Xiangying Shenghui, do not have some fun。 Painting poetry, so that artists can also love, loathe, grief, worry about, pao, derogatory, Yang, disposable, and other emotions more strongly into the picture。 Another example is in the works, "Bu Daoweng" that: "The fans like white yarn Ukrainian officials, not the original mud inverted half-Mission, RU to break all of a sudden, Tongshen where a heart and liver。" Tiba make such a simple painting changed Bu Daoweng Mood in the far-reaching significance extraordinary。 If not this poem, painting in the Bu Daoweng it is meaningless。
Painter baishi-qi "Bu Daoweng" the poetry of that painting that Daomaoanran, Hisai high, the lack of any self-cultivation, it will only oppress the people of Fantongcaobao official to give a strong lashes。 What artists love, hate what the banner is very clear, strong feelings often。 Xu Wei that grapes such as the poetry, Zheng Banqiao's poems that are at the painter strongly into the thoughts and feelings。 Painter financial situation in painting, poetry speak by Xiong Yi。 See the paintings, Duzhe poetry, painting to be strongly of the infection。 Painting and poetry for a more emotional appeal; painting and poetry for more extraordinary significance。 Poetry and complement each other, similar paintings that good poetry in the contemporary art world is also not uncommon。 Chinese painting thus constitutes a unique artistic features, to a high-level aesthetic level, this is not by any other comparable to the art。 There are poems: and if it is not appropriate-Hill。 "Chinese painting is the theory of the case。
Chinese garden stress "Qujingtongyou" type of circuit to the gallery, the water bridge division of space, creating a visual blur the hidden beauty。 Chinese ink painting in Yichang, as the habitat in pursuit of fuzzy He also vital, non-Feibi this, as the super-to, the artistic Deqi ring in effect。 Its charm lies precisely with the help of the spirit of the form of poetic temperament, triggered images of people on limited Lenovo, the most difficult painting to express the Italian state into overtones and look good response, so that appreciation can in an instant access to a Drawing on the overall understanding and grasp of Space and Time。 Such awareness is usually a fuzzy object on aesthetic of the overall picture of the show, not rigidly adhere to certain details。 And is more concerned about, such as tactful, subtle and were plagued with setbacks context of the use of language; concern and joy, clarity, meaning, as the voice of the business concept of strategy; Zhang Yan Yuan "art history in mind" in stresses "the intention of T first , The painting was intended to do, "freehand brushwork is the ancient concept of national art, Chinese painting art is the aesthetic principles of the so-called" one leaf of customs intelligence, "we are paintings of plants, it no feelings, no ideology, and artists often Give them some kind of meaning, that is, the artist shows the characteristics of natural beauty subjective role of the painter's touch some emotion, "by King lyric, of words-" the painter who is in their own unique perspective and determine their own sense of "purposive "To express their feelings," conception "is not a purely subjective minds, it is the painter's life experience understand it is a result of the understanding and awareness of the United States, it also includes the people's thinking, feelings, ideals, cultivation inside 。 Through the "division of good fortune, in the heart of the source," that is passed to the objective things to feel different after the formation and found that the general awareness of this is intended ----" "can also say" Italy "full of all works of art Soul: Only in the feelings and understanding of the basis for refining the first half, summed up, and a distillation of the "conception", is the paintings should be said that the "intention" into the full intelligence situation is "intended" basis。
"Art of Rodin" said "Art is emotional," not based on feelings of the art, that is not touched by their own history can not be moved by the things we appreciate other people's paintings, when the artistic charm of its implicit Attracted by painting a very Interest, subjective thinking of mutual exchanges; painting, for the meaning of string, moved by feelings, the mould, by infection, which is the "mood" in…: "Mood" is the soul of art, is an objective Part of the concentrated essence of things, coupled with people's thoughts and feelings of the Tao Zhu, after processing to achieve a high degree of artistic integration scenario, lyric by King, demonstrated by the state of the art is fresh and vivid。
The great ancient poet juyi-bai that the division of impermanence, it refers to its one-one of Italy, are often transported in and God will think。 "In his" Huazhu Song "wrote:" The roots from the Italian Health and Health, bamboo shoots Formed by the T-…… Mandrax do not give it the first painting, low listened suspect hands with sound。 "China seems to have already realize the painting," Miao-like and not like in between "the real Dili。 Chinese painters and poets" You heart lies ", that is its own unique sentiment of the good fortune of U。S。 natural habitats, to create the image。 This decision, Chinese painting throughout the complex and the Romantic poetry of the ER。 Dong Qichang was right when he said: "Poetry for Habitat to the mountains and rivers, mountains and rivers also poems for Habitat。 "Artist Endowment heart of the poem, the image of all things poetry heart, mountains and the earth is the universe is the impact of heart poetry, poet, painter of the soul active, is itself the founding of the universe, its volume Shu choice, Taixu-like clouds, Han Tang Yan tracks, Kong Ling and natural。 Poet, painter China "traces of natural habitats due to heart-made, to dance song wonders of virtual Yi Ying" (Zong Baihua language), can be said to be the basic features of Chinese poetry and painting。 Is also advocating " And joy, "the beauty of the freehand brushwork of the Chinese paintings and a" solid "-(Parmenides of Being) of the Western classical painting in the creative concept of the biggest difference。
In art history, since ancient times are two completely different performance: a reproduction of the objective world of art consisting mainly of realism, which to Western classical paintings as representatives; performance is a subjective and emotional-based Xinxu Romantic, performance-based art。 Chinese painting is the latter its basic characteristics of the。 Romantic, performance of the painting, as early as the Warring States Period, Chu Tomb of the Bohua "People Kui-feng map" and the banner painted in Mawangdui Han Dynasty have been emerging。 Since the start of the Tang dynasty literati paintings, Chinese painting is more emphasis on care of lyric and music to painting send the use of means of expression。 "Painting to the shape, see neighbors and children," Su Shi is also the sages who practice the art of summing up。 It has been able to exist and has strong vitality, the text has been painting for the people want to arguments, the reasons for the Chinese philosophy is inseparable from the joy of the universe (Laozi, "all things are born, not born") impact The artists of the spirit of poetry, in the form of poetic quality and appearance of the eternal pursuit。 Indeed, Chinese painting of this concept is exactly grasped the essence of Chinese art, poetry grasp of the Chinese art of the quality characteristics, it has withstood the test of time wind and rain, and have been affected so far。 Song Dynasty philosopher Cheng Yichuan, said: "No-I Jammu, and has a Zhaoran Vientiane。" Zhaoran Vientiane to desert no-I-based, so that it is in a virtual, it is false in health, air, the aftermath, not absolutely Niaoniao , "The paintings are not as Miaojing" (Qing Dynasty literary critics chongguang-da (1623-1692) the phrase), this is the Chinese paintings in the United States and the mood in the pursuit of the spirit of the non-Yan Zhuan。